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Posted on December 21 2020

Craft Beer Near Me - Brewery

The UK is the beating heart of the craft beer revolution, and recent years there's been an explosion of craft beer breweries, taprooms and tap yards willing to progress traditional styles into the 21st Century. From Land's End to John O'Groats, there are incredible craft beer artisans across the land, experimenting in flavoursome brews.

At Brew Republic, we're honoured to be able to visit some of the best craft brewers and handpick our curated range of craft beer so you can enjoy brilliant brews wherever you are.

Craft beer near me guide

From sampling craft beer from London breweries such as Moor, Orbit and Howling Hops to going on a taste exploration of craft beer from Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, our guide will help you answer that pressing question: where can I discover incredible craft beer near me? And while current Covid-19 restrictions may prevent you from soaking up the ambience of a local craft beer taproom, simply browse our bottleshop to buy craft beer online and rest assured we'll bring the best and brightest brews from around the UK straight to your door.


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    Craft beer London

    London is the true capital of the craft, with over 100 breweries brewing extraordinary beers. Craft breweries in London have sprung up and moved cask-based ale drinking into fresh, invigorated 21st Century styles.

    While London has a long, proud history of brewing, today the capital is home to a thriving craft beer scene. Explore 'beer miles' and take taproom tours (socially distanced, of course) to get up-close-and-personal with some of the UK's leading independent, experimental brewers. With so much choice, it will be hard to answer the question: 'where can I find the perfect craft beer near me?'. That’s why we’re here to help.

    Anspach & Hobday can be found on Bermondsey's famed 'beer mile', tucked away on Druid Street, and they've called the Mile home for six years. Jack Hobday and Paul Anspach are hugely sympathetic to the London beer scene, with their signature Porter evoking old London town with its chocolate notes blended with intense roasted coffee. Or, you can keep things traditional with their popular Pale Ale, but it’s worth trying their unique sea salt and chilli stout.

    Duck through the arches of Abbey Street and you'll find yourself on Enid Street. There, you'll discover close neighbours Moor Beer Company, Brew By Numbers and Bianca Road.

    Moor's delicious session IPAs are a joy – try Distortion for a 4.7% abv bump and the exquisite All Dayer. Their lager is anything but straightforward; expect a rustic, characterful brew brimming with crisp, malty and floral delights.

    Brew By Numbers practices what it preaches. With over 350 different beers, it's a diversity hunters dream. From nitro stour and super-hoppy pale ales to devilishly dark coffee beers, expect a flavour extravaganza.

    Pop next door to Bianca Road, and you'll be in tropical heaven with its unique, fruity bitter IPA with a kick of 5.3% abv. Craft beer in London extends even further than the Bermondsey Mile. 

    Head east to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Hackney Wick to enjoy Howling Hops' distinctive 'warehouse vibe' – all thanks to a wall of brewing tanks. We thoroughly enjoy popping open the tank and pouring our beers ourself! Known for their geometric designed cans, their core range includes the tropical Lonely Town session IPA, and Twilight Transistor – the modern fruity hops and a dry finish make for the ultimate session beer.

    Travel south of the river to the railway arches of Walworth Road, the home of music loving Orbit – even their vinyl-inspired logo shows their love of the groove. The focus is distinctly European with a twist – the crowd-pleasing Nico is a signature Kolsch Style lager – while the hazy Belgian Style wheat beer is a feisty 5.2% abv with hints of clove and banana. A worthy detour!

    With London home to so many artisan craft breweries, it's impossible to include them all. But, grab an A-to-Z and there are loads more to explore, from the aptly-named Big Smoke (say hello to its Cold Spark pale ale that somehow defies that laws of chemistry to bring citra to life as a tropical, hoppy milkshake) to the North London home of Gorgeous Brewery with its refreshing citrus Geekhunter pale ale.

     Craft Beer Near Me - Anspach & Hobday

    Craft beer Bristol

    You don't need to stick to the capital to enjoy some tasty brews. A trip up the M4 takes you to Bristol, home of some wonderful craft breweries including Left Handed Giant and Wiper and True.

    Brewing progressive, ultra-modern brews since 2015, Left Handed Giant is a relative newcomer making a big impact. Strung across Bristol on three sites, they crowdsourced their own brewery in 2017, and are a community-owned business and one of the few employee-owned breweries in the UK. The result is a resounding cheer from your tastebuds. Known for its hazy, lazy IPAs, try Sea of Vapours with its riotous 6.6% abv and mango, red grapefruit and peach notes.

    Just north of the M32 that carves through the centre of Bristol is Wiper and True, located in a former printworks, and home to a wide selection that meets its self-imposed 'No Ordinary Beers' claim. Collaboration connoisseur, they've worked with the likes of Siren, and tap into their British roots with plenty of malt, hops and yeast. Jump in with their York Street Helles – a pale lager that runs the gauntlet of floral, malty crispness.

    Cracft Beer Near Me - Wiper and True

    Craft beer Leeds

    Shipley – found north-west of Leeds and a tad north of Bradford – is home to both Salt Beer Factory and Saltaire Brewery. This double-whammy of craft breweries offers a modern take that builds on a deep brewing heritage.

    Salt Beer Factory offers brewery tours – you can take a virtual tour in these Covid-19 times to explore the Grade II listed Tramshed constructed in 1904. There's a lot of brews to choose from, including Jute – their session IPA is soft, hazy and temptingly citrusy.

    Round the corner on the River Aire is Saltaire Brewery, dedicated to honest beer with real character. Where to start? Their Triple Choc is an award-winning must, while we're partial to their South Island pale ale – bright, hoppy, refreshing and packed with Antipodean hops.

    Craft beer Manchester

    Manchester rightly holds international renown as a craft brewing hotspot. Taprooms abound, and brewtap events were a frequent, buzzing scene – they'll soon return! There are a huge number of craft breweries wanting to share their love of the brew with you.

    Alphabet Brewing has performed a brewing somersault on Manchester's traditional brewing, with progressive beers that are utterly delicious. Their label artwork are true masterpieces, designed by renowned street artist Nick Hamilton – Hammo for short. We were so excited by them that we brewed an exclusive collaboration beer – Shake it Off – a full, creamy milkshake IPA that uses 100% sabro hops.

    Born and raised in Manchester, Track Brewing was launched following a two-year round-the-world cycling adventure – and celebrates how craft beer can connect people wherever they are. Some of our favourites include Particles, a hazy IPA that is about all the goods things in life thanks to its lazy, hoppy and mellow taste, while Zuma is a pale ale that is a tropical superstar.

    Craft Beer Near Me - Alphabet Brewing

    Craft beer England

    All round the country are progressive and unique craft breweries. Down in Devon there are a number of brilliant brewers completely dedicated to their craft – many of which have made it into our bottleshop.

    With staycations becoming ever-so-popular, if you find yourself in the realm of the cream tea, pay a visit to the likes of Utopian, Salcombe and Powderkeg.

    If you find yourself in the South, head to Reading, Wokingham and the surrounding areas. Not only are we located round here, but some great breweries are too! Often known as a mini-London, Reading is home to craft breweries including Phantom, Double Barrelled and – just outside of the town – West Berkshire. A trip to Wokingham Is definitely on the cards to visit Siren's famed tap yard. Still open, its no-compromise approach has resulted in capital brews such as Siren Calypso – a sharp, spritzy sour that will have your tastebuds standing to attention.

    Craft beer Scotland

    Scotland has its fair share of brilliant brewers. Dundee's 71 Brewing and Edinburgh's Stewart are brilliant examples.

    Crafting crisp lagers, 71 Brewing bill themselves as engineers of beer, and rightly so. Introducing thirst-quenching progressive new world flavours since 2016, try brews from their Blueprint Series and Lager Series, as well as small-batch collabs. Cloudfall, a pale ale with pine, citrus and tropical tones is a creamy, softly-softly dream. Stewart is an old hand. It's Loanhead taproom is a bustling hive of craft beer aficionados, while its brews range from core lagers to tempting hop series and limited editions. For a true taste of Scottish ale, take a loving sip of St Giles – a darker, maltier version that one-ups English strong bitter.

    Craft beer Wales

    Wales is home to inventive, innovative craft breweries – and one of the better-known is the ever-excellent Tiny Rebel. Hailing from Newport, this award-winning Welsh brewery delivers big flavours and spectacular brews. Its graffiti-clad and vibrant, neon can art is a unique, standout signature, as are their brews – ranging from absurdly sharp Key Lime lager to its mango vermont Shake Down IPA.

    Craft beer Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland are relatively new to the craft brewing game, but the brewers are certainly bringing all the flavours and experimentation.

    Community and co-operation is the name of the game at Lacada, a community-owned craft brewery on the north coast of Ireland. Beautiful cans house equally beautiful brews – try Diffuser, a pale ale that adds oats to the grain bill for a rounded mouthfeel.

    Alternatively, Hillstown builds on several generations of dedicated brewers who have honed a love of locally produced produce and ingredients. Found in Randalstown, Co Antrim, they challenge with their Squealing Pig IPA and Horny Bull Stout.

    And if you needed any confirmation that craft brewing is truly an art form, Hillstown has been accepted as a member of the Économusée network, which showcases brewers for their excellence on the global stage.

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