Creating a collab beer

Posted on March 09 2021

Creating a collab beer

Who are these two strapping young lads you ask? Why they're Paul Anspach and Robbie Sykes from Anspach & Hobday and Orbit, respectively. When the Brew Republic team put their heads together to create a beer for the Laithwaite's virtual Vintage Festival, we had a specific vision of what we wanted to make and we thought these two breweries were the ones to bring into the fold to help make that vision a reality.

Both have already been former Brew Republic Featured Brewers, and fantastic partners, so we knew they made great craft beer. But we needed partners who had a keen understanding of more classic brewing that originated not only from the UK, but from continental Europe. Styles revolving around balance, food matching and the elusive “drinkability” that some modern beers have a hard time achieving. Both breweries make a stunning array of craft beer styles and can be as modern as they come at times, but at their heart both focus on history.

Anspach & Hobday take classic British beer styles and brewed them through a modern lens; their Ordinary Bitter and Pale are already modern classics in the UK.

Anspach & Hobday Craft beer brewery in London

Orbit, on the other hand, clearly have the same romance we have in our heart for the great brewing regions on the continent. They have the uncanny ability to create beers that are nearly indistinguishable from the regional originals. Drinking their incredible Sticke Alt takes us right back to Uerige Brewery in Dusseldorf, a welcome holiday in these unique times.

Orbit craft beer brewery in London

We were clear on our audience being wine-lovers, so we wanted to create something, not that mimics wine, but resembles some familiar aromas and hallmarks of a New Zealand white wine. Nelson Sauvin hops, grown right where you just guessed, bring crushed Gooseberry, white grape and a hint of black pepper. We’ve also decided to use a fairly neutral yeast that should give a medium dry finish and let those hops shine through, uninhibited. Lastly, we’ve adjusted the pH for some more acidity that runs parallel with those fruity aromas, letting then sing, as well as bringing some of those “drinkability” and food-pairing qualities.

The Vintage Festival Beer will be launched at the Laithwaite’s Virtual Vintage Festival in April, and will be available from Brew Republic, Anspach & Hobday and Orbit the following day.

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