10 interesting facts about beer

Posted on March 23 2020

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Ever wondered how much the world's most expensive beer costs? Or how many pints of Guinness get lost in moustaches over the course of a year?! Well we have all the answers you need ...

Where is the world's oldest brewery?

The world's oldest brewery is a Benedictine monastery in Munich (Weihenstephan) founded in 725 AD, which created a still-operating brewery in 1040.

Which country has the largest beer consumption per capita?

An average of 320 pints per person per year are consumed in the Czech Republic. Germany and Austria take second and third place.

Per capita in the UK, what’s the average consumption of pints of beer per person per year?

A huge 119 pints are consumed. The countries with the least average intake are India and Sri Lanka with just 3.5 pints.

How many pints of Guinness are wasted each year by being trapped in drinkers’ moustaches?

Research by Guinness in 2000 revealed that 162,719 pints of Guinness are lost to those ‘taches!

What’s the cost of the world’s most expensive beer?

At an eye-watering £750, the prize goes to Belgium’s Vieille Bon Secours. This bottle is 12 litres in size and the beer has been stored for more than 10 years. However, that’s a large bottle and compared to BrewDog’s The End of History beer, it’s good value! This 330ml bottle would set you back £600 and comes packaged in a preserved, stuffed dead squirrel or stoat.

Where in Europe has the highest number of active breweries?

The UK has over 2,000 breweries – a rise of 64% in just five years. Unsurprisingly, the largest cluster is in Greater London, which is home to 123 breweries. The whole of Scotland house 119 breweries, Manchester claims 80 of them, and Bristol have 19. Of course, these numbers are increasing rapidly!

What year did Russia classify beer as alcoholic?

Until as recently as 2011, anything containing less than 10% alcohol in Russia was considered a foodstuff.

What is cenosillicaphobia a fear of?

It's the fear of an empty glass. Always have a spare beer handy, just in case ...

Beer is the third most-consumed drink worldwide. What two beverages beat it?

Water hits the top spot (unsurprisingly), but beer sits nicely in third place, between tea in second and coffee in fourth.

How many people attend Oktoberfest over its 16-day celebration in Munich?

A huge 6 million people celebrate the event in Munich. That doesn't even include the seven other cities that join the celebrations across Europe!

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