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Brewer of the Month, December 2019

This month we're taking a trip down memory lane ...

We couldn't possibly shine the spotlight on one single brewer - it just wouldn't be fair for the most important month of the year! So, we thought it was apt to revisit some of the hardworking brewers that we've had the pleasure of meeting (and drinking with!) over the last few months.

Wiper and True

Michael Wiper, co-founder of Wiper and True, kindly stepped up to be our guinea pig for the very first month of the beer club when we launched in April. Such a personable guy, he spent the whole day with us - telling his story, taking us on a tour of his brewery and letting us taste his incredible beers. He welcomed us in with open arms, telling us how important it is for these small, independent brewers to find new ways to get their beers into the hands of the UK market.

We're delighted to be able to help spread their beers far and wide and the feedback we've had on their beers has been fantastic! You'll be seeing more of them in 2020.

Why not head back to when we interviewed Michael and told their story? You can read our article, here.

Moor Beer Company

Another brilliant Bristol brewer (there's a lot of them!) Moor, actually began their journey in Somerset at the very beginning of the craft beer revolution. Following their move to Bristol, Justin Hawke came in and brought with him his US craft beer know-how. And my goodness does he 'know how'! Their beers are a delight to drink and very Moor-ish (sorry - couldn't help ourselves!).

We're going to explore the world of Moor even more(!) soon - there's a lot to show you!


Sara Barton armed herself with a Masters in Brewing and Distilling back in 1989 and joined the then-tiny band of female brewers. She gained almost a decade’s experience in the industry, before launching her own business, Brewster’s, in 1998 in Grantham, Lincolnshire. While the team’s main focus is cask-conditioned ales, they love to play with other styles, in keg and beautifully packaged cans, like the ones below ...

We think their beers are bang-on and absolutely love their funky cans. A great addition to the fridge, and even better to consume!

You'll find loads more in your beer club case this month - whether it's Siren Craft, Crate Brewery, Redchurch or Partizan - all of which we have loved getting to know in our very first year.

We're excited to introduce you to more in 2020. Thanks to our loyal comrades!

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