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Brewer of the Month, February 2020

Here we are - FeBREWary! Well done for making it through what felt like a never-ending January.

There's a lot in the calendar this month. Some might say too much, with sporting events coming out of our ears, plus Valentine's Day and Pancake Day fast approaching ...

Not only that, but there's three ├╝ber-exciting beer festivals to look forward to! They're a great way to meet the brewers behind the beers and learn even more about your favourite bevvy. Yes, our fabulous beer cases make sure you get beers from around the UK straight to your front door, but we're big fans of getting out and about to meet these hard working brewers face-to-face and wanted to share with you a couple of upcoming events where you can do the same (if you so wish)!

From 4th-8th, the CAMRA Winter Great British Beer Festival hits Birmingham with more beers to try than you can shake a stick at (that's a weird thought...). A great place to meet the brewers behind the beers and the perfect opportunity to try loads of different beers.

Liverpool's 40th Beer Festival pitches beers and brewers from Lancashire and Yorkshire against each other in a battle of the counties from 20-22nd. Lots of good brewers there ... should be an interesting fight!

And, the biggy, BrewLDN takes place from 27-29th at The Old Trumans Brewery in London, with around 8000 beer enthusiasts working their way round stands from 150 of the worlds best brewers. Not one to miss if you're anywhere near London!

So, this months brewer is ALL of them! Get out there and meet the hardworking grafters behind those delicious beers!

Cheers to them.

Brew Republic

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