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Happy New Year!

Brewer of the Month, January 2020

Happy New Year to you!

It's your choice this month: drink it or store it! We know some of you will be abstaining from the booze and we're not going to argue - keep those livers healthy! Whatever you're up to, all of this month's beers are good to drink now or wait a few weeks if ya like.

This month, we've included beers from Edd at Anspach & Hobday ...

Will at Loose Cannon ...

and Jane at Mothership ...

Plus lots of others of course. But A&H, Loose Cannon and Mothership have all brewed beers for us that are so popular with our comrades over the last year that we thought they were worth popping in your case this month. Of course, that's not all though! We've got something new to try from Moor (where we picked up several beers for ourselves too, of course!) ...

The new year is a good time to reflect on the great beers from the last year and try some new things too. We hope this case ticks all the boxes!


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