Our Manifesto

Craft. It’s a powerful word.
It means skill, dedication, passion.
It means beer. And not any old beer.
But liquid gold forged in the minds of
brewers who built a revolution.

Their independent spirit inspires us to search far and wide to find those fresh flavours that give us all a thirst for life – and deliver them to your door.

So brewers, thinkers, drinkers and friends,
raise your glasses and join us,
because this one’s for the brave pioneers who
fought the craft beer revolution and won.
Long live The Republic.

Brew Republic at Partizan Brewery with brewery founder, Andy Smith

The brave pioneers of the craft revolution changed the world of beer. But when we saw the mundane, inflexible clubs that sold their beers, we knew brewers and drinkers deserved better. So we set out on a mission to champion independent brewers and build a republic of people who really care about craft beer.

We began by exploring independent brewing, travelling far and wide to visit small breweries where we discovered not only the freshest, most interesting beers, but also the incredible people behind the breweries. Skillful craftsmen & women, working to create memorably delicious beers. We were so inspired, we even started to brew our own!

Brew Republic was built for them and you, a beer subscription service that champions independent breweries, whilst staying flexible to your tastes and needs.

Each month we work with small independent brewers to fill our boxes with flavours you’ll remember and, believe us, they really benefit from your support. Not only do we deliver you their beer, we also bring you stories of beer pioneers that transport you from your living room to their taproom.

So, whether you’re a brewer or a drinker, join us, because comrades, the revolution is over.

Long live The Republic.

Illustration of man holding red flag with star and a bottle of beer