Pale Ale - Partizan Brewing Pale Ale - 330ml

Pale Ale - Partizan Brewing Pale Ale

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Pale Ale


Lager Malt


Chinook, Loral

Size: 330ml bottle

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Founder Andy Smith gave up a career in fine dining to pursue a career in micro-brewing. Well, how else was he going to ensure himself a steady supply of American style craft beer in Leeds! Ironically he then moved down to London and you’ll now find his highly successful, but still micro, craft brewery under one of the arches of the Bermondsey Mile. The small team makes the range – from Stout, Pale Ale, Sour and tasty real lager.

When it comes to their Pale Ale, the Partizan team like to play with their hops and produce a new version every batch. They will always choose the best hops available. This one features Chinook and Loral and true to form, it’s crisp, dry, aromatic and refreshingly moreish.

You can read more about Partizan and the Bermondsey Beer Mile in our recent article, here


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